About Advanced Soap

Advanced Soap Founders - The Corley Family

The first Corley immigrated to NY around 1900. The patriarch, William Corley, the son of Irish Immigrants and a WWII Veteran, ultimately had 8 children, 27 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. Family legend says the Corleys made great potato vodka in their bathtub!

William lived in Lincroft, and after his passing, his wife Olive, of 61 years moved in with her son and Advanced Soap Founder Tim Corley in Virginia.

Tim cared for his mother as a home hospice patient. He noticed the difficulty she had handling soap while bathing. Working with his local VA focus group, he recalled them complaining about the general design of a bar of soap. Tim experimented with new designs and ultimately came up with the GrabNHold®; Advanced Soap was born in 2017.

The GrabNHold® design looks simple enough. Countless hours upon hours were spent in developing the design, machining special cutters, and late night family phone calls between Virginia and New Jersey to develop a product that we'd use with our own families.

Tim and his niece, Angela (aka the Soap Artisan), are now dedicated cold process soap makers working collaboratively to refine and create the perfect cold process soaps. Our handcrafted soap is made in VA and at the Jersey Shore! We are a family-owned and operated small business involving multiple generations of the Corley family sharing their unique skills and talents.

Why Cold Process Soap?

Conventional soap products sold in “big box” retailers are actually not soaps but solid detergents. When used, they draw the natural oils out of your skin, leaving your skin dry, chaffed and often itchy and irritated. This isn't good for your body's largest organ - the skin.

Cold process soap is a very old process. Founder, Tim Corley, began experimenting with natural, plant-based ingredients that moisturize and protect your skin. Additionally, Tim set out to produce soap to treat sensitive skin (a Corley family malady) or skin that reacts adversely to synthetic ingredients found in commercial (detergent) bar soaps.

Proprietary formulas were developed that combine high quality shea butter with rice extract. Working with a small “focus group” of men, women and children in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Tim was able to tweak his formula, and now with his niece Angela, they are refining and creating new recipes that work for all types of skin.

Advanced Soap® with its trademarked look gives you an outstanding natural soap product that will not slip out of your hands!